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Constable, Pike County Pa.



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Unconsolidated Pennsylvania Statutes in green Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes in blue/violet
Title 1 General Provisions [Title 40 -unconsolidated statutes] Insurance
[Title 2 -unconsolidated statutes] Aeronautics Title 40 Insurance
Title 2 Administrative Law and Procedure Title 41 Interest
[Title 3 -unconsolidated statutes] Agriculture [Title 42 -unconsolidated statutes] Judiciary and Judicial Procedure
Title 3 Agriculture Code Title 42 Judicial Code
[Title 4 -unconsolidated statutes] Amusements Title 43 Labor
Title 4 Amusements [Title 44 -unconsolidated statutes] Legal Holidays and Observances.
Title 5 Athletics and Sports Title 44 Law and Justice.
Title 6 Bailees and Factors Title 45 Legal Notices
Title 7 Banks and Banking Title 46 Legislature
[Title 8 -unconsolidated statutes] Bonds and Recognizances Title 47 Liquor Code
Title 8 Boroughs and Incorporated Towns [no sections yet enacted] Title 48 Lodging and Housing
Title 9 Burial Grounds Title 49 Mechanics' Liens
Title 10 Charities Title 50 Mental Health
[Title 11 -unconsolidated statutes] Children Title 51 Military Affairs
Title 11 Cities [no sections yet enacted] Title 52 Mines and Mining
Title 12 Commerce and Trade [Title 53 -unconsolidated statutes] Municipalities
[Title 13 -unconsolidated statutes] Constables Title 53 Municipalities
Title 13 Uniform Commercial Code Title 54 Names
Title 14 Community Affairs [no sections yet enacted] Title 55 Navigation
Title 15 Corporations and Unincorporated Associations Title 56 (Reserved) [no sections yet enacted]
Title 16 Counties Title 57 Notaries Public
Title 17 Credit Unions Title 58 Oil and Gas
[Title 18 -unconsolidated statutes] Crimes Title 59 (Reserved)
Title 18 Crimes and Offenses Title 60 Peddlers
Title 19 (Reserved) [no sections yet enacted] Title 61 Penal and Correctional Institutions
Title 20 Decedents, Estates and Fiduciaries [Title 62 -unconsolidated statutes] Public Welfare Code
[Title 21 -unconsolidated statutes] Deeds, Mortgages, and Acknowledgments Title 62 Procurement
[Title 22 - unconsolidated statutes] Detectives Title 63 Professions and Occupations (State Licensed)
Title 22 Detectives and Private Police [Title 64 -unconsolidated statutes] Public Lands
Title 23 Domestic Relations Title 64 Public Authorities and Quasi-Public Corporations [no sections yet enacted]
[Title 24 -unconsolidated statutes] Education [Title 65 -unconsolidated statutes] Public Officers
Title 24 Education Title 65 Public Officers
[Title 25 -unconsolidated statutes] Elections Title 66 Public Utilities
Title 25 Elections - -
Title 26 Eminent Domain Title 67 Public Welfare
[Title 27 -unconsolidated statutes] Escheats [Title 68 -unconsolidated statutes] Real and Personal Property
Title 27 Environmental Resources Title 68 Real and Personal Property
Title 28 Escheats [no sections yet enacted] [Title 69 -unconsolidated statutes] Sales
Title 29 Fences. Title 69 Savings Associations [no sections yet enacted]
Title 30 Fish Title 70 Securities
Title 31 Food [Title 71 -unconsolidated statutes] State Government
Title 32 Forests, Waters and State Parks Title 71 State Government
Title 33 Statute of Frauds Title 72 Taxation and Fiscal Affairs
Title 34 Game [Title 73 -unconsolidated statutes] Trade and Commerce
[Title 35 -unconsolidated statutes] Health and Safety Title 73 Townships [no sections yet enacted]
Title 35 Health and Safety [Title 74 -unconsolidated statutes] United States
Title 36 Highways and Bridges Title 74 Transportation
[Title 37 -unconsolidated statutes] Hotels and Lodging Houses Title 75 Vehicles
Title 37 Historical and Museums Title 76 Weights, Measures and Standards
[Title 38 -unconsolidated statutes] Industrial Police Title 77 Workers Compensation
Title 38 Holidays and Observances Title 78 Zoning and Planning [no sections yet enacted]
Title 39 Insolvency and Assignments Title 79 Supplementary Provisions

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